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Getting ready for your school spelling bee? - Are you getting ready for your school spelling bee and don’t…

Getting ready for your school spelling bee?

Are you getting ready for your school spelling bee and don’t know where to start?  First you need the Scripps’ National Spelling Bee study list separated by grade level from 1st to 8th grade.  Each student should be given a copy of the full Scripps’ Graded spelling list and this link to the downloadable list with additional words on the Hexco Academic website:

How to study:

- Study all of the words from the Scripps’ Graded List in your grade level.
- Study all of the words in the grade levels before your own grade level.
- Study past your grade level until you have learned all the words on the Graded spelling list that you can possibly remember.

Funny thing about school spelling bees: You can be given a word from any grade level. Don’t worry, schools generally start out with the first-grade words and work their way up to the higher grade words so that everyone gets a chance to field a word before it gets more challenging. There is only one winner who gets to move on to the regional bee, and from there, that student will have a chance to go to the National Spelling Bee. The fun part is seeing how long you can stay in the game based on how many words you have learned and can remember.

Relax and have fun! Spelling out loud with everyone staring at you can be a little bit stressful at first, but in spelling bees, everyone is generally rooting for each other and everyone in the audience wants you to do your best. Take a deep breath, don’t rush, and above all, make sure you repeat the word before you spell it and look at the judges to make sure you heard it correctly.  For instance, if the word is “cub,” and you heard “cup” and you did not take the time to repeat the word, you’ll probably go out on a word that you actually knew! The judges’ job is to make sure you heard the word correctly. When you repeat your word, the judges will acknowledge that you heard the word correctly.

What you can ask when you get your word:

- “May I have the definition?”
- “Will you use it in a sentence?”
- “May I have the language of origin?”

Beware of easily confused words: Some words can be spelled two or more different ways! This is where it is important to ask for the definition and/or the word in a sentence. Here are some examples.

- to, too, two
- bare, bear
- write, right
- sight, site

For the convenience of our spellers, we keep the annual spelling list on our Downloads & Brochures page on our website so you can get access to it any time of the year.  Click here to download the full 2011-2012 spelling list from the Hexco website.  In the rare case that a school uses all of the words on the Scripps’ Graded list, and they actually run out of words when they get to the 8th grade words, they generally will use words from the Scripps’ Spell It! list included in our downloadable version on our website.

Last year we had excellent participation when we hosted a local school spelling bee, and everyone showed good spelling spirit for their peers with the last two standing breaking off with a high-five.  It’s all about challenging yourself and doing your best. If you are a teacher, students, or parent and would like to contact us regarding rules, words, etc. just call (800.391.2891) or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions!  Also check out our annual spelling products for more information on the annual words of if you are conducting your school spelling bee.  Valerie’s Supplement is a great carry-along for students, and Natalie’s Spelling Bee Organizers even include the words with sentences!

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Congrats to Sukanya Roy- 2011 NSB Champion- 12th champion in row to use Hexco products! Of the top 5, an amazing 4 are Hexco customers!

The Hexco team is together to watch the Bee and celebrate all of our spellers! Of the13 spellers in the final round, we have TEN spellers!

We’re Rooting for You!

This afternoon, we watched the National Spelling Bee live on ESPN and we are now waiting excitedly for the NSB Finals at our annual Hexco National Spelling Bee party.  As we celebrate this towering achievement of all of the spellers who made it thus far, we cannot help but to root (admittedly), just a little more for our customers who have shared their triumphs and losses with us through the years.  We are always here to help disentangle any word mysteries that might arise; all of our customers have our unpublished company cell phone number — we are always on-call during the National Spelling Bee!


Analyzing  the 25 words in the written round given at the National Bee, we found that 8 words were in Verbomania and 10 were in New Nat’s Notes (or a form of the word that would have obviated the spelling) for a total of 18 in these two volumes.  Words that were not in any of our products included bonobo, calenture, monodomous, pinealectomy, youthquake.  New Bee Prepared contained all of these words, plus one (fourteen). The CWL had some 8 of the 25 words.

For the last two years, 15 words were in Verbo, and 8 or 9 were in New Nat’s with only one or two being words that had never been used before and did not exist on any study list.  Students who advanced to the Semifinals on ESPN had to spell 23 or the 25 words correctly as well as the words in both Round 2 and Round 3.


·         10 Hexco customers are going into the final rounds

·         2/3 of all words given were in Hexco’s New Nat’s Notes (not including obviated forms)

·         56% of the words in Round 7 were in New Nat’s Notes

·         There were 145 off-list words, meaning, words not found in any Hexco Product or Scripps’ study list

To the spellers and their families:

Through your letters and phone calls, we have become your fans, as well as fans of the families who have supported you and still cheer you on.  Some are at home watching, and some are there with you, but everyone is proud of you.  You have already taken the world by storm.  Congratulations on your well-earned achievement.  We hope you will share your stories with us for our upcoming After a Spell Newsletter.  Good luck and good spelling!

*** Weird Word of the Week *** via #constantcontact

*** Weird Word of the Week *** via #constantcontact

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."

— Henry Ford